What is Objectivism?

What is Objectivism?

Objectivism is a liberal philosophy developed by Ayn Rand. It is a comprehensive philosophical system, which revolves around living on earth and focuses on the right of human beings to life and peaceful living, as well as our enormous creative and productive potential.

As indicated by the name, Objectivism is based on reality existing independently of our consciousness, and that we have to use our senses and logical thinking in order to develop ideas, perceive the world, and interact with it and other people.

Protects Long-term Business

Objectivists emphasize reason, rational egoism, and capitalism. The aim of each human being is his or her own happiness, and in order to ensure that the productive and long-term work of individuals is made possible, we must have a government with courts, police, and military.

The government is only to protect so-called negative rights, and must otherwise be completely separate from civil and financial life. People have no obligations to each other, except for their own children, and aside from leaving one another in peace. Even so, with rational egoism the way is paved for peaceful cooperation and coexistence.

According to objectivism, we have an objective reality in metaphysical terms, and in epistemological terms, we must lean only on reason as a tool for gaining knowledge. Ethically, rational egoism is right, while in political terms, laissez-faire capitalism is the only thing protecting the individual as a creative and fair being.

In Short

In other words, the goal of objectivism is allowing the individual to live such has he or she may desire in peace, realizing his or her dreams in creative and productive work. In order to accomplish this, we must have a government that protects people against loss of freedom and violence, and which protects property rights.

Objectivism as a philosophy is more complicated, ruch, and complex than outlined in this article. For further reading, you may want to first read the article What is Objectivism? on Objektivisme.no, and then the article Ayn Rand on Filosofi.no.

The philosophy can also be summarized as follows:

Metaphysics: Objective reality

Epistemology: Reason

Ethics: Self-interest

Politics: Capitalism


  • Objectivism is a philosophy that emphasizes the right of the individual to life and living freely, as well as our huge creative and productive potential
  • According to objectivism, reality exists independently of our minds, and we need to use our senses and reason to discover and observe reality and act in accordance with it
  • The aim of objectivism is to allow the individual to live the way he or she wants, realizing his or her dreams in creative and productive work
  • Therefore, we must have a government with a judiciary, police, and military, safeguarding the right to life and peaceful living



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