Nature and Liberalism

Nature and Liberalism

Organized protection of nature and the environment has grown in popularity over the last decades. So-called green parties and movements fight for a sustainable future, where humans live in harmony with nature.

Where does liberalism stand on this? How does a liberal society solve problems like pollution and destruction of nature and the environment?

The Government Protects Rights

First and foremost, liberalism is a system that protects your rights and your property rights. In other words, the Government protects your environment.

This means, for instance, that you have the right to pollute your own property, but if the pollution harms your neighbor’s property, he has the right to sue you or report your, and vice versa.

Common experience would dictate that people take better care of their own property compared to jointly owned property. In a liberal society, the principle about private property applies practically everywhere.

A Practical Example

How will nature preserves and other irreplaceable natural areas fare in such a society? Will large companies not just ruthlessly exploit the environment in order to obtain the largest possible profits in the short term?

A liberal society will not appear overnight, leaving plenty of time for the government to enter into agreements with conservationists, travel organizations and other interested parties to take over such areas.

Conservationists can also join forces to buy up land from other companies, they can claim an unused area by posting a guard or something similar, or they can start some type of sustainable tourism business. Furthermore, they can settle in an unpopulated area in order to do ecological farming or just live in harmony with nature.

How to Get Rid of Pollution?

Extensive pollution that has already happened or is going to happen is a problem. Here, however, the solution is technological.

There is no better system than a liberal government that protects property rights to encourage innovation and develop technology. Here, brains and good solutions are rewarded, while bad ideas and solutions are punished. In time, this will fight pollution.


  • Liberalism protects your rights and therefore also your environment
  • Humans take better care of their own property than of jointly owned property
  • Conservationists can create property in order protect irreplaceble natural areas
  • The solution to pollution is technological and a liberal society encourages innovation and technological progress



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