Liberal Foreign Policy

Liberal Foreign Policy

The government is not to interfere in business life, spiritual life, and civil life, as long as nothing criminal is going on. How does a liberal republic relate to other nations, however? Will foreign policy even exist?

The only legitimate role of government is the protection of the individual’s right to life and peaceful living. In order to solve domestic conflicts, the government needs police and a juduciary system. In order to solve conflicts from the outside world, the government needs a defensive force.

An Active Foreign Policy

The liberal government is not passive, neither at home or abroad. The intent is to protect people from violence and loss of freedom, and when this happens, it cannot sit back and watch assaults or wait passively, while enemies plan an attack.

The government must conduct a foreign and security policy for the purposes of securing the country’s interests militarily and politically by forming/maintaining alliances with civilized countries. This means that members of the government and parliament meet with representatives from other countries and enter into necessary alliances. Other than that, the government is not to do anything to other countries, unless it is a matter of defense.

The Constitutional Government Controls the Military

The control over the military is handled by the constitutional government. The government is responsible for use of resources and operations, while parliament oversees both. Ultimately, the courts control, whether actions and activities are in conflict with The Constitution.

Important decisions that are urgent may be implemented by the military leadership with the government having ultimate responsibility, and this will be reviewed later by the legislative and judicial powers. Especially important decisions that could decide the fate of the entire society, such as going into a defensive war, must be reviewed by all powers as soon as possible and according to the main principle: To protect the life and freedom of the individual.

Philosophical Foundation: The Individual

Protection of the individual is the whole point of government, police, courts, military, and foreign policy. The principle of protecting the individual applies everywhere, but in the real world, practical implications get in the way.

Although people are oppressed and mistreated in other countries, the liberal government does not have to do anything militarily. The government has a moral right to do so, but not a moral duty.

First and foremost, the government must ensure its own survival in order to be able to protect its own citizens, and it probably would not do so, if it declared war on all oppressive governments. A liberal government has other tricks up its sleeve, however.

Free Trade and the UN

As mentioned, the government is not to place any obstacles in the way of business, and free trade is the general norm. Nevertheless, in cases where we are talking about trading with companies from countries with barbarian regimes, the government can still place embargoes.

The intent is to isolate such regimes economically, since trading with the gives the oppressive regimes resources they would have not had otherwise. Trading with companies from this type of country is an indirect support for the authorities, while a trade boycott leads to a quicker collapse of the regime. However, this is not a mandatory behavior on part of the government.

Furthermore, a liberal constitutional society will withdraw from the UN, because the organization places civilized countries on equal footing with brutal tyrannies. In addition, the UN has positive rights among its human rights, giving the organization strong social democratic traits. Because of these and other factors, being a member of the UN is unacceptable.


  • A liberal government must be active both domestically and internationally in order to protect the individual freedom of citizens
  • The military and the foreign policy are controlled by the constitutional government
  • The intent is to make it possible to provide real protection for the individual
  • The government has a moral right to intervene against tyrannical regimes, but not a moral duty
  • Free trade is the norm, but in certain situations, the government can institute an embargo
  • The liberal government will withdraw from the UN



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