Legalizing Prostitution

Legalizing Prostitution

Selling sexual favors is not illegal in Norway, but it is illegal to buy them. Thus, prostitution is, for all intents and purposes banned by the government, and the customers are made into criminals.

Liberalism opens the door to legalizing prostitution, as long as it is done under peaceful and voluntary circumstances between consenting partners. All kinds of human trafficking, slavery or abuse will be dealt with harshly, however.

Prostitution is a Peaceful Transaction

Prostitution is a type of barter. Person A offers service X and asks for product Y, while person B asks for service X and offers product Y. When these two parties meet, a voluntary barter takes place. Person B gives person A product Y for service X (Y is usually money).

In other words, this is no different from any other types of barter. The only difference is in person A temporarily offering his or her sexual organs or something similar. The same may be said about other types of transactions: An engineer offers services with his brain (or rather his ability to think, analyze, evaluate, and decide), while a contractor offers services using his hands.

Barters are peaceful and should not be illegal.

What are the Consequences?

As mentioned above, a liberal government will deal harshly with any kind of abuse of prostitutes. Whether they are forced into prostitution by criminal kingpins or are abused by customers, this will be illegal and will be something the government will try to combat with strict penalties.

Prostitution is an ill-regarded profession and has a very negative reputation. For instance, the word «whore» is commonly used as an insult. In a liberal society tolerance is key, and in such a society, people will respect that everyone is not the same, and that some people make choices, they wouldn’t make for themselves. This creates a more positive and respectful view of human nature, even of people who are today «ill-regarded».

Prohibition Solves Nothing

Human beings have certain natural needs. Not everyone can find an outlet for these through normal interaction with other people, and some are not able to get sex without paying for it. A prohibition against buying sex does not remove this need.

Furthermore, a prohibition against prostitution makes the situation worse for the prostitutes themselves. Since their profession is essentially illegal, they cannot turn to the police if they are subjected to a crime while working. The profession is driven underground, making human trafficking and exploitation of prostitutes easier for real criminals.

Liberalists want to legalize prostitution because it will make the situation better for prostitutes, and because they respect the rights of adults to make decisions about their own bodies and lives.


  • Prostitution is essentially illegal in Norway
  • Prostitution is a peaceful barter between consenting parties, and should therefore be legal
  • A liberal government deals harshly with human trafficking, slavery, violence and any other type of abuse of prostitutes
  • A prohibition against prostitution is a negative for prostitutes, since the profession is driven underground and outside the protection of the authorities



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