Legalizing Drugs

Legalizing Drugs

Liberalism treats adults as adults and will make it legal to do, whatever one wants with one’s body. This includes legalizing drugs and other intoxicants that are illegal today.

The usual «victimless crimes» that liberalists usually point out are gambling, prostitution, and drugs. A victimless crime is a «crime» that does not really hurt anybody except perhaps yourself.

Liberalists are of the opinion that each individual owns his or her own body, and thus can do what he or she wants with it, as long as this does not initiate force against other people. This also includes buying, selling, and taking drugs.

Drugs Are a Commodity

Drugs is a collective term for a number of intoxicants that create some type of effect or stimulation in the body. It is obvious that the use of certain drugs are harmful to the body, but it is your choice whether or not you want to inflict such consequences on yourself.

Since you have a right to your life and to live in peace, it follows that you also have the right to buy and sell drugs. As long as you do not steal, threaten, or use violence, you should be able to deal drugs in peace. When all is said and done, drugs is just a commodity in some demand, similar to milk, meat, iPhones, and tobacco.

What are the Consequences of Legalization?

When it comes to legalizing and eventually deregulating the drug industry completely, it is especially important to remember that a liberal society will not appear overnight. Much will happen in society before complete deregulation of drugs, so there is no need to worry.

As with gambling and prostitution, real crime associate with drugs will be dealt with harshly. However, because buying and selling drugs is legal, much of the violence surrounding drugs will disappear on its own. The most important thing for a legitimate dealer is to offer a good product under peaceful circumstances, so the business can thrive.

Prohibition is Harmful

As with other things, prohibiting drugs will not eliminate demand. Making drugs illegal is not helpful, on the contrary. For instance, in the Mexican drug war that has lasted since 2006, at least 100,000 people have lost their lives.

Prohibition drives the market underground, allowing only the most brutal gangs to survive. At this point, it is not about satisfying the customer, but rather about making a quick buck and engaging in warfare and power politics outside the control of government. Both customers and sellers are lawless, and people have less respect for the law, meaning the law to protect individual rights.


  • Each individual owns his or her own body, and this can do whatever he or she wants with it (as long as it doesn’t initiate force against others)
  • Drugs are substances that create an effect in the body and may be harmful when abused
  • Buying and selling drugs is peaceful commerce, and the government is not to places limits on it
  • On the other hand, the government must deal harshly with any real crime associated with drugs
  • Prohibition does not eliminate need and drives the market into the clutches of criminals



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