Immigration and Liberalism

Immigration and Liberalism

Generally speaking, a liberal society supports free immigration. For practical purposes, this will mean free labor migration. This can give rise to more questions: Will society be swamped by freeloaders and welfare recipients? Will crime increase?

Reasons for Immigration

People often migrate from poor countries with corrupt regimes and human rights atrocities. Peaceful individuals have no desire to live under such circumstances, where, for example, you can be attacked by other groups at any given time or have your property taken from you. For this reason, they usually look for countries where basic rights are protected and where the economy is relatively functional.

In are reasonably well functioning and peaceful nation like Norway, they would be much better off, even without doing anything in particular. Among other things, this is because there are many special arrangements in place for immigrants, making it unnecessary for them to have a job. This way, many fortune hunters from other countries live a relatively good life by freeloading off productive individuals.

Social Democratic Solution

The solution from all the parties in Parliament and most parties in Norway involves keeping the welfare state, while limiting immigration. Almost all political parties in Norway agree on this. What they largely disagree about is the degree to which the nation’s borders should be closed to people who happen to be born outside of them.

Liberal Solution

On the other hand, a liberal republic has open borders, but no welfare state. In liberalism, it is unacceptable for the government to take property from one individual and give it to another as a matter of course. Therefore, there are no governmental support schemes. Freeloaders and fortune hunters lose a very important motive to come to the country, when they will no longer receive anything «for free».

Therefore, immigrants coming to Norway will most likely be honest, hard-working, and resourceful people with a desire to live in peace and create value. It is entirely positive for Norway that creative individuals want to settle here, thereby contributing to increased wealth in society.

Crime and Integration

Crime, which is often associated with immigrant groups, will decrease. The job market will be much more flexible and open, ensuring increased employment opportunities for people with an immigrant background, who have a hard time getting a job today.

Immigrant parents can no longer sit home and prevent their children’s integration into the rest of society, because generally everyone will have to work or get an education. Having immigrants working or in school are measures that encourage integration and reduce criminal tendencies and withdrawal from society.

To put it briefly, free immigration means the following: Everyone, including immigrants, must work to make money, since there are no support schemes from the government. Therefore, fortune hunters will go to other countries and are replaced by resourceful individuals who contribute to the general prosperity. Immigrants become a part of society and thereby integrate peacefully.


  • Liberalism supports free immigration
  • Social democrats wish to maintain the welfare state and limit immigration
  • Liberalists wish to dismantle the welfare state and free immigration
  • When immigrants lose support schemes from the government, the cannot come to live off others
  • Instead the state receives an increase in resourceful immigrants who contribute to increasing prosperity for everyone
  • A flexible job market provides jobs for more people, thus minimizing crime and maximizing integration



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