Culture and Liberalism

Culture and Liberalism

There is not much information available about liberalism, art, and culture. The reason is simple: This ideology is not interested in spiritual life – this means that it is completely free of governmental interference.

Does this mean that liberalists do not care about art and culture? No, it means that they have no desire to force others to finance the art they like, and they will not be forced to finance the cultural experiences of others.

Choose for Yourself

The government has a completely neutral position regarding art and culture in a liberal society. It is not up to politicians and bureaucrats to choose which kind of culture should «win» and «lose». This is up to each individual.

Do you like theater? Go to the theater. Do you like opera? Visit the opera. Do you like music? Go to concerts. Do you like movies? Go to the movies. Support the culture you like.

Niche Art

Creators and consumers of so-called «niche» culture have no right to force other to finance their own interests. Artists either have to sell enough to make a living on their own, find a benefactor, accept donations, apply for a stipend from a private organization, or simply take a paid job on the side.

In a society where wealth creation is greater, the banking system is independent, and people keep what they earn, there will be no shortage of ways to finance culture. Art and culture are important to people, and there is every reason to assume that people are willing to pay for the things they value.

Practical Implementation

Today, there are many cultural offers provided by the government, such as public television and libraries. Art and culture should be free and independent of excessive interference by the government through grants picked from the taxpayers’ pockets. Cultural institutions run by the government should be privatized by leaving them under their current leadership, gradually reducing public contributions to zero over a period, for example, ten years.

During a transitionary period, public companies can change over to being run privately. This way, the management must come up with sustainable solutions based on people’s goodwill, willingness to buy, and interest in the product they deliver.

That’s the way all other people and business must survive, and art and culture cannot be the exception.


  • According to liberalism, the government and cultural life must be completely separate
  • You are the one who chooses the kind of culture you want to support, rather than the politicians
  • No one has the right for someone else to pay for his or her cultural experiences
  • Artists must find voluntary solutions for making money
  • Public cultural undertakings can change to private ownership over a transitional period



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